FIFA 16 US cover discussion

You are correct that I don’t know her stats and don’t follow her club record, but a quick type into google and everybody can pull those stats out of their arse. I think it is widely known that she is a talented female player, which I never said she wasn’t.

Never did I mention her being overrated. Comparing her to Wambach is justifiable in terms of play, but in terms of sponsorship you can’t be more wrong. Even if it’s the same number, Morgan gets more money. She has large sponsorship deals with nike and Gatorade (Two of the biggest earners in the sporting world).

Don’t get butthurt over a simple fact. EA didn’t choose her as the cover because she is the phenomenal player she is, but rather chose her because it adds a different demographic to the cover and because with alex morgan on the cover, they can sell a shit ton more copies. Would you rather buy a game with Dempsey or Bradley on there, or a smoking hot (and also highly talented) Alex Morgan.

You have to remember the demographic for fifa is a large majority male, most of whom would prefer an attractive (don’t forget talented) female on the cover of the Fifa 16 Closed Beta. EA is also trying to target females into purchasing and playing the game by having (the majority of their) idol on the cover. It’s all a marketing ploy, you have to remember that. Who would earn them the most money as the cover. The answer is obviously Alex Morgan because it targets a wide audience.

Stop the banter about me not following soccer until the world cup. You have no idea who I am and what I do. You are right in a sense that I (along with the majority of Americans and the rest of the world), don’t follow WOMEN’s soccer until the world cup, but that’s because I have no interest in following their club teams. Nothing against them, but they aren’t nearly as accessible to watch where I am. I am one of those people who follows soccer to the T. An avid supporter of Liverpool and my national team and I watch every single game that I am available to because it is like a second religion to me.

Stop with the damn accusations and defensiveness. Face the fact that she is on the cover because, and I will put it in all bold for you just in case you have your head too far up your ass that you can’t read it, but SHE IS ON THE COVER BECAUSE IT WILL SELL THE MOST COPIES AND MAKE EA THE MOST MONEY. PART OF IT IS BECAUSE SHE IS A GREAT WOMEN’S PLAYER, BUT THE MAIN REASON IS DUE TO SEX APPEAL. I WOULD IMAGINE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT THAT IN A YEAR OR SO WHEN YOU FINALLY REACH 6TH GRADE.

She is a very talented player, but she is on the cover so EA can make money and she is the best possible reason for men and women around the U.S. to purchase the game.

To dumb it down and put it in perspective for you, Ella Delle Donne lead the WNBA with cheap Fifa 16 coins per game last season, but you don’t see her being on the cover of 2k anytime soon.

I finally played FIFA 16 and also meet the Brazilian cover player

Last week I asked here for ideas to what to check out on the FIFA 16 and what questions I should ask, the NDA is off and I can talk about it.

It was a HANDS ON session with Gilliard Lopes (Producer) showing us all the new features and how we should use them, the video he showed us is the same exact video EA showed IGN during their E3 event, if you look that up you can see the same things we saw but we saw different players doing the same moves. I will outline a few of the things that caught my eyes the most and you guys can ask whatever you want, I will answer anything I’m capable of:

-Gillard only talked about Fifa 16 GAMEPLAY, he refused to answer any other questions and when I asked him what he tought of FUT SELECT he smirkly replied “I don’t know anything about that, what is that?”. He did however mention that they will release more info on new modes for FUT and career mode during GAMESCOM.

-The new defense system with all the interceptions is truly amazing. If you are controlling Modric and your opponent plays a through pass to his attacker you don’t always need to switch to Sergio Ramos to make the interception, if it’s an easy one he will do it himself without needing to switch to him. Since he’s fast and agile he can easily intercept the ball, if you have Pepe instead he might just kick the ball away.

-The swingsteps thing that defenders do to fall back while running backwards works really well and help to reduce the offense threat of a fast skillful guy like Neymar and Bale.

-The goalkeepers don’t rush the ball like morons and sometimes will do whatever they can to stop the shot if you pull them out instead of just running past the ball.

-The “PASSING WITH PURPOSE” feature is great but hard to master, the ball rolls really fast and it’s easily controlled by Ronaldo and Messi, but if you try to pass it to Busquets he will struggle, so you have to know how and when to use it.

-The new animations, both offensively and defensively adds for a lot of new ways to score and stop the opponents from scoring. I saw a guy scoring a header with Benzema while he was falling onto his ass, the way he hit the ball with his head and the way he moved his body and arms to adjust for the header were all new to me.

-The slide tackle cancel thing is also great defensively but doesn’t feel as OP while you are on offense, I never felt the other guy could just spam slide tackles until he got the ball.

-No touch dribbling looks amazing, it was really hard for me to do anything useful with it, the few times I tried I ended up looking like a fool.

-Shooting is a bit harder, I’m always scoring long shots on FIFA 15 with Hernanes, Reus and Hulk, I tried at least 20 times with Ronaldo and scored 0, Neymar hit the post twice.

-Their new 3D foot with infinites points of impact instead of 7 also adds for a lot of realistic hits on the ball, but they didn’t feel as powerful as FIFA 15 (I’m more used to FUT, so that might add a bit to such a difference)

-The overall pace of the game is slower, A LOT slower, like I said I’m used to play FUT, comparing the KICK OFF matches on FIFA 16 coins to any match on Div 1 FUT 15, it’s almost like the game is 30% to 40% slower.

-Player with higher passing and vision seem to be way more important this year than pace and physical, you will have to pass the ball around A LOT to open space since passes are easily intercepted when you just lob balls…

I think this is all that really stood out, ask way if you feel like and here’s a picture of me and Oscar when he was revealed as the cover for the Brazilian version of the game.


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